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Dan Walters: Jerry Brown will try end run to extend state’s war on carbon

July 5, 2016
Sacramento Bee - Gov. Jerry Brown, stymied in the Legislature, will attempt to extend the state’s crackdown on carbon emissions into the next decade by decree. Late Friday, Brown’s Air Resources Board dispatched a memo declaring that it would unveil a draft of new regulations next Tuesday,...

Voting is an appropriate way to thank our armed forces

June 5, 2016
(Bakersfield Californian) Every American enjoys the rights and freedoms this great nation provides because of the sacrifices made by those defending democracy. We should honor those sacrifices by holding in high regard our freedoms, including our right to vote.

The state Senate’s chance to make California more affordable

May 26, 2016
The Ridgecrest Daily Independent - The Golden State has become a very expensive place to call home. In 2015, CNBC ranked California as the fifth most expensive state to live in. The average monthly rent in California is 50 percent higher than the rest of the country. Our state’s poverty rate is the...

GOP pushes tax credits as California budget work heats up

April 26, 2016
(Assocaited Press) Republicans say their ideas would keep money in the hands of low-income people instead of redistributing it through state programs.

California Senate Republicans want tax breaks for vets, students

April 26, 2016
(Sacramento Bee) Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller called it “a very positive agenda that gives voice to Californians being left behind by their own Capitol.”

Legislative attorney: Brown can’t set climate rules by himself

April 25, 2016
San Diego Union-Tribune - Gov. Jerry Brown has used executive orders in the past and has threatened to keep issuing them to make sure California meets ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the state's legislative counsel delivered an opinion last week saying the governor — and, by...

Legislature’s attorney says Jerry Brown can’t set climate targets

April 21, 2016
Sacramento Bee - Gov. Jerry Brown exceeded his authority when he issued an ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target for California last year, the Legislature’s attorney has told lawmakers. In a letter to Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller, R-Bakersfield, the state’s legislative counsel said...

Will California’s new minimum wage law make sense in Bakersfield?

April 1, 2016
Sacramento Bee - Republicans and some business groups predicted that the higher wage will be disastrous in certain parts of the state.

Top Sailors: Lively, Criss named Bluejacket of the Year

March 22, 2016
The Daily Independent - The best of the best among local Sailors and Marines were honored at the annual Bluejacket of the Year Awards Dinner held Saturday at the Kerr McGee Center, sponsored by the Indian Wells Valley Council of the Navy League.

Senator Fuller honors Kern County first responders

March 7, 2016
(KBAK/KBFX) — State Sen. Jean Fuller recognized 14 first responders Monday with a Senate resolution for their lifesaving skills and service to Kern County.